The coldest time of the year is absolutely not the time for cocooning at home. There is so much to do in Winter!

  • Celebration spirit of Christmas markets: What can be better than Germany?
  • Craziness of New Year parties: New York? London? Berlin? What’s your city?
  • Excitement of skiing down on piste in Alps
  • Joyful waves of sea in Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil..
  • Relaxing beaches in Egypt, Thailand, Vietnam,..
  • Exploring incredible India during wedding season in the country
  • Sands and shopping in Emirates
  • Experience unique winter adventures and real frost in Russia
  • Meet Santa Claus and make dogs ride in Norway and Finland
  • Spa, Mist and Frost in Iceland and Switzerland
  • Reveal your True self at Carnivals in Venice and Netherlands and, of course at the biggest carnival of the world – in Brazil!:)
  • Enjoy majesty and beauty of ancient civilizations in Rome, Greece, Egypt. No heat and less tourists!:)
  • Greenery, Rain, Waffles and Beer welcome you in BeNeLux

Start Winter with preparing for Christmas and New Year, Celebrate full February to welcome Spring!:)

Winter is coming! And where do you go?


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