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A Fairy Tale Town. Ljubljana.

Why Ljubljana is a fairy tale town. What to do in Ljubljana. What to see in Ljubljana.

Lake Bled – The Emerald of Slovenian Alps

The lake Bled is gorgeous! Learn why! Read about what to do in Bled and how to travel there..

Slovenia – the hiding Emerald of Europe

Slovenia - Well hidden gem of Europe. Stunning nature & beautiful romantic architecture. .. What to see in Slovenia

Get your hotel deal!

15 euros reward for booking a hotel through this link. Limited offer.

Balkan Travel Marathon – 8 countries / 15 days

Balkan travel marathon: 8 countries / 15 days. Itinerary: Destinations & Planning.

SUNSET Tints of Travel: Santorini travel getaway

Exploring Santorini - the Greek island of epic Sunsets. Itinerary What to do in Santorini, What to see in Santorini. Travel practicalities

Heat & Fun highlights of Summer

Bizarre, Weird, Grand, Epic, Fun... Very special and unique festivals of Summer.

Summer on the Walk!

Make your summer special! The best walking & hiking travel destinations...

Floral Tints of Summer Travel

Some flower fields might be a pinnacle of your summer travel. The most spectacular and glorious flower fields to travel in Summer..

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