The time of transformation. The time of awakening nature, of bright colors and of fresh flowers!

Spring is not about cool festivals or fancy destinations. It’s about changing of nature.

  • It’s still quite cold in Western Europe, snow yet to melt in the North of US and Europe and in Russia..
  • It’s already warm in South of Europe, you can walk sleeveless in Rome and Greece..
  • The heat is starting in India, North of Africa, Emirates..
  • Humid winter is about to start in the South America..

What to do in Spring?

  • There are many beautiful events to celebrate start of the Spring in March. Have you decided where to go in March?:)
  • April is the nicest time of the year, being pleasantly warm all around the globe. It’s also a month of lots of fun and celebrations.
  • Red colors signify the start of May. Summer is starting:)

Spring is the time for most colorful parties and celebration!

In Spring you awe of Nature’ delicate strength and blooming power!

  • Europe is the great destination for Spring:
    • It’s pleasantly warm at South of Europe, like Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and South of France. Beach season is starting. Yet, it’s not busy with tourists compared to Summer. It’s perfect time for enjoying mild sun and empty beaches, blended with yet not-crowded museums and galleries.
    • Northern parts of Europe are also appealing. It’s still quite chill but sun is bright and flowers are colorful!
      • go for hiking around medieval castles in Germany
      • picnic in picturesque parks and green fields of England
      • cycle in tulip fields of Netherlands
      • kiss under cherry blossoms in Paris
    • Check out the weather and try out Snow & Sun in Alps or Andorra: You probably still can do some skiing  there.
  • Looking for soaking under sun at sandy beach?
    • It’s a perfect time to come to Marocco, Tunisia, Algeria or Jordaan. It’s pleasantly hot and the water is warm.
    • Beginning of Spring is THE time to soak under sun in Emirates and Egypt, just in-between sandy winter and deadly hot summer.
    • Go to India to celebrate colorful festival of Holi and to party at Goa beaches. March-April – ideal time for Goa, just before summer monsoon starts.
  • Enjoy warm sunshine and awakening nature in Nevada, California, Mexico, Cuba, Guatemala and Venezuela. Whilst further South is starting winter season, which is quite humid and less enjoyable.
  • Go to Japan or China to meditate over Sakura flowers (cherry blossom)!

The Spring is here! And where are you?


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