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Happy Diwali – Let the Light be with you!

Wish you a very Happy Diwali!
Let the Light be with You!

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There is a lot of festivals and auspicious events in India. It’s easier to count the days when there is no festival:)
However there are some really great and the biggest celebrations. Diwali is one of such Big Days.

October-Novermber there is one of the most important celebrations for Hindu, Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists – Diwali – the Festival of Lights.
This is a celebration of triumph of good over evil, of light over darkness.

Lakshmi (Goddess of wealth) and Ganesh (elephant God of auspicious beginnings, or other words, of wealth and prosperity) are worshiped today.

Fireworks, Candles, Lights are everywhere (actually the translation of the festival is “Raw of Lamps”)
The celebrants share sweets, they also signify this day with wearing new clothes..
They pray for all good, sing and dance for Lakshmi

For most business communities in India this day is also a New Year day – Next day they…

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