Autumn is, probably, my most favorite season. Not only because for my Birthday : ) But for the endless travel opportunities, for the nature’s beauty that leaves you speechless, for so many cool and fun events and feasts & celebrations happening all around.. It’s the most colorful, the brightest and the warmest time of the year!

Autumn is the time to try the results of all year work, whatever work it was:

  • Show off results of your summer trainings at numerous picturesque marathons across the world, from North Pole to Antarctic. Choose your run of the Autumn.
  • Treat yourself at harvest festivals: Roast some chestnuts, have fun with squash foods, hunt for truffles, compete in shrimps peeling.. Bon appetite! Read more about food festivals in Autumn.
  • Raise your glass, well, many glasses, at the most favorite harvest festivals – It’s time to collect grapes! Celebrate new wines with the best world’s wineries! Happy Beaujolais Nouveau! Plan your Booze up journey of Autumn.
  • Hop hop hop time! It’s the season for the beer fun! Cheers to Octoberfest and its smaller party brothers! Learn more about Autumn beer festivals.

Autumn is the auspicious time of celebrating the harvest. From ancient and pagan times to nowadays all around the world we celebrate the moon equinox and middle of Autumn. Sing with druids at Stonehenge, dance with Dragons in China or celebrate Islamic or Jewish New Year! Spread the light and joy! Read more about Harvest festivals.

It’s the Autumn when we fill rich and happy about future seeing results of our hard work:

  • Now you can rest and party – Get your costume and go back to Medieval times to fill relief after intense summer! Find your fun Medieval festival of Autumn .
  • It’s the time to share happiness and say Thank you for great harvest that gives us hope for good winter!

Now, when harvest is done and alcoves are filled, the shopping celebration starts! Best deals, best offers, everything to please your home and even your wallet : ) Enjoy November shopping!

Day by day nights are getting longer and darker. We brighten up the Autumn nights with numerous fireworks and lights festivals. We celebrate Diwali – the victory of Light over darkness. We burn November night with Gay Fawkes. We turn on lanterns and start looking for Christmas on St. Martin day. Autumn is the most lighted time of the year! Read more about Autumn Light festivals.

Music & dance brighten up the Autumn nights, too. Most parties, best music and dance festivals happen in Autumn! Literally every weekend. And probably every night 🙂 Select your music festivals for Autumn (Coming soon).

I love mysterious and haunting atmosphere of Autumn. Everything dies, but in Autumn we welcome the Death. We throw parties to commemorate and to show our love, we celebrate together, for one time, till the next year. Read more about Mysterious festivals of Autumn and Where to celebrate Halloween.

To cheer up the nocturne of Autumn dark and mysterious nights, the Mother Nature amuses us with stunning colorful dresses. All shades of Red, Purple, Orange, Golden will brighten even the most dull day. Autumn – live in color! Read more about Top colorful destinations of Autumn.

Let’s have the Golden time! Enjoy your Autumn!


Where to go in Autumn

Each month of Autumn is very special and unique. Whilst September is quite close to Summer whether it’s still monsoon or already an Indian Summer, November is absolutely different, it’s almost Winter. Thus the Autumn destinations vary a lot depending on the selected month.

Enjoy your travel with my travel guides & itineraries!

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