About Tints of Travel

Dutch Russian with extended family in India and Dubai and many friends across the world..
I love travelling and seeing how beautiful and colorful is our world.
I want to inspire You to see more and to enjoy more!

The world is huge and there are so many beautiful places and wonderful things to explore. Sometimes you might feel lost, where to start, where to go.. Time is not enough to see everything. Especially if you have just a few days to take off.

I am a researcher by my job and by my calling. I love searching out, investigating and finding out the most optimal solutions. I spend a due time to find the best travel destinations and the places to see at each time of the year. I go through thousands of reviews and hundreds of books and websites to make sure that my trip has captured the essense of each place I visit, that you can get the most authentic and true experience of your journey.

Do you plan a travel? Follow me to get colorful inspirations and planning tips where to go and what to see!

Need some help with inspirations and planning? Ask me – tintsoftravel @ gmail . com !:)

Tints of Travel – Colorful inspirations for Your Travel and Life!
– Ideas Where and When to Go
– Information What to See & to Do
Have a Great Journey with Tints of Travel!



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