Balkan Travel Marathon – 8 countries / 15 days

I’m thrilled and excited about my soon to start Travel to Balkans!

It will be literally a travel marathon: 8 Countries in 15 days plus a few hours of flight transfer in Italian Milan.

My travel plan is intense and tight but super exciting:

  • Day 1: Land to Slovenia. Plan to visit glorious lake Bled and to see capital of country – Ljubljana (I anyway stay overnight in Ljubljana).
  • Day 2: Morning in Ljubljana, Then go to fabulous Croatia. Evening in Zagreb – capital of Croatia.
  • Day 3: Sparkling & Vibrant Split.
  • Day 4: Incredible Mostar in Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • Day 5: The legendary walls of Dubrovnik.
  • Day 6: Stunning views over Dubrovnik coastal lines
  • Day 7: Fancy Tivat in Montenegro
  • Day 8: Relaxing beaches of Budva, Montenegro
  • Day 9: Monumental Tirana, capital of Albania
  • Day 10 & 11: Relax & Charging up at lake Ohrid, Macedonia
  • Day 12: Ottoman rocky Prizren, Kosovo.
  • Day 13: Rough & Rocky Prishtina, Kosovo
  • Day 14: Heart of Balkan peninsula, the capital of Macedonia – Skopje
  • Day 15: The city of many churches, capital of Bulgaria – Sofia
  • Day 16: Fashionable Milan on transit from Sofia to Amsterdam.

Are you somewhere around? Happy to catch up!

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Read about my Balkans travel impressions, recommendations:



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