Heat & Fun highlights of Summer

Summer holds some super fun festivals which can make your holidays remarkable!

Some are bizarre & weird, some are grand & mass, but all are special & bright!

  • Start the Summer in Hong Kong to celebrate Dragon Boat Festival. Colorful dragon boat racing is a serious affair in Hong Kong, with athletes working all year long to excel and to win. But it’s not only the racing. It’s a massive carnival party with gorgeous skylines of skyscrapers shadowing the coast. Check lunar calendar to plan the trip: the 5th day of the 5th Lunar month, which is 18th June in 2018J
  • June 24 – the Midsummer’s day. The longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere gifting you around 17 hours of daylight in one go. It’s worth of celebration! Best places to revel this night:
    • Build bonfires, sail and party in Nordics such as Norway, Sweden, Finland.
    • Beach party all night long and burn bonfires in Alicante region, which hosts the biggest summer solstice celebrations in Spain. This celebration, known as Las Hogueras de San Juan, lasts from 20th to 29th
    • Celebrate the sun in Inka style – They call it Inti Raymi in Peru.
  • When in Thailand, make a break from beach – walk parades to honor ghosts at  Phi Ta Khon festival. Give tribute to community spirits in town of Dan Sai during 24-26 June ’17.
  • The biggest world’s Gay Pride celebration happens in New York. Walk or watch the famous parade on the 25th June ‘17.
  • Go to Spain for crazy fun of Red Wine Battle in Haro during 27-30 June ’17.
  • Test power of your love– participate in Wife Carrying World Championship in Sonkajarvi, Finland, during 30 June – 1st July ’17. Challenge yourself with 235 meters of run with obstacles and with your wife on back. Don’t have your own wife? Hire a local one:)
  • 4th of July. Be in New York city to observe the grand celebration filmed in so many movies, the glorious Independence Day. Beware, according to many movies, this is the day and the place when something major happens!:)
  • The fastest and the most dangerous run in the world! 825 meters long (just half a mile), in average run within 3 minutes. Yes, fighting bulls running with you definitely add to your speed. Get adrenaline at San Fermin or Running of bulls festival in Pamplona town, in north of Spain. 6 to 14 July these are the days.
  • The day when revolution started the new era of liberty, fraternity and equality.. on 14th July this day is celebrated with military parades and magnificent firework shows. All across France but with an epicenter in Paris. The Bastille day!
  • Thinking of changing job area? 7-16 July – time to try a cowboy’ career Calgary Stampede in Canada. The festival includes Chuck Wagon racing, rodeos, a spectacular parade and of course country music performances. To add up – They give free pancake breakfasts!
  • Summer is a time to test and to show your athletic achievements:) During 11-13 July you can contest your strength in nomad style at Naadam festival in Mongolia. Show your best at wrestling, horse racing and archery.
  • Finish July in South Korean beach Daechon. We don’t know if Dirt is Good, but it’s definitely Fun! Mud sliding competitions, mad mud fights, music, dance, partying and fireworks – all at the Boryeong Mud festival!:) Happens during the country’s national holiday, 21-30th July ’17.
  • Northern Venice of Europe, the Gorgeous canals of Amsterdam acquire a fantastic reason to be in Amsterdam on the 5th August ’17: the spectacular Gay Pride Canal Parade.
  • Take your better half on a romantic evening at beach with gorgeous fireworks shows! International fireworks competition in Hague, Netherlands, will give you unforgettable memories during weekend nights of 11 through 19th August ’17
  • Scottish Edinburgh turns into a giant stage for performing arts during Fringe festival in August. It’s the largest performing arts festival in the worlds, giving more than 50,000 performances and hosting more than 3,000 shows in nearly 300 venues across the city during 4 to 28 August ’17.
  • Another crazy & fun fight in Spain: La Tomatina. It’s the biggest tomato fight in the World. More than 100 tons of over-ripe tomatoes are in fighters hands on the 30th August ’17 in Bunyol town, near Valencia.
  • Finish summer with an accomplished mission of soul searching and reuniting with the world. Go to Black Rock desert in Nevada for a week of mind blowing liberal and artistic madness, which culminates in the burning out all the installations. The life changing experience – the epic Burning Man. Happens during 27 August – 4th September.

Live bright! Have fun!


Get more inspirations for great Summer holidays: 


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