Grand Walking events of Summer

Do you like walking and hiking?

Do you want to walk together with people who like hiking like you do?

Do you want to walk exciting and festive marches?

Then look at this list of exclusive walking events :

  • 10-11 June ’17 – Grab the opportunity to admire stunning landscapes of Luxembourg countryside – join the Diekirch walk.
  • Experience the Plus Wandel4daagse Alkmaar walk in the Netherlands. Explore Alkmaar town – the Dutch capital of cheese, hike through Dutch dunes & coastal side on 21-24 June ’17.
  • The largest international walking event Haervejsmarchen will take you through the historic & scenic routes in and around Danish town Viborg. “The way to health” will happen on 24-25 June ’17.
  • Walk through the green hills of Ireland and celebrate 50th anniversary of Ireland’s the oldest and most celebrated event – the Castlebar International 4 Days’ Walks. 29th June – 2nd July ’17.
  • Test yourself at one of the largest in the world and probably the oldest walking event – Vierdaagse International Four Day Marches, which will happen in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, 18-21 July ’17. In 2017 this walking event has 101 years anniversary!
  • Discover virgin and wild nature of Northern Europe – join Vaasan Marssi 3-days walk in Finnish archipelago Björköby – Unesco Nature World Heritage area. Come to Finland by 11th August ’17.
  • Reveal your inner Viking – walk the Sagamarsjen – a copy of the last day’s march of Norwegian King Olav and his army. You’ll walk through mountains at the border between Sweden and Norway and will walk through sea coastal area. Be in Verdal, 26-27 August ‘17

Walk with like-minded! Enjoy your trail!

Get more inspirations for Summer holidays on the walk: Epic Moutains & Arctic trails, Spectacular summer walks and Glorious Flower fields.


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