Floral Tints of Summer Travel

There is a special beauty in visiting flower fields and gardens. It’s all about gentle and mesmerizing fragrances seducing your senses and bright & rich colors keeping your eyes wide open.

When thinking about flowerful travels, it is Spring that comes to our minds first. We tend to leave out the other seasons for flowers.

But Summer has quite a lot to offer, so that visiting the flower fields might become a pinnacle of your trip!

  • Go Pink in Shibazakura: Glorious Fuji mountain sunk in pink moss flowers. Stunning! The pink season is short: from mid May till beginning of June. But it’s a life time experience!
  • Legendary Tuscany welcomes you in Yellow with gorgeous sunflower fields throughout all summer. Late June to early July is the best time to walk through sunJ
  • Breath taking & fragrant Lavender fields make you to travel to Provence in France.
  • Parade at the Lompoc flower festival in California on 24th June ’17. Gorgeous pink & coral Lompoc fields are mesmerizing throughout all summer, from late spring through early fall.
  • In July find yourself surrounded by all shades of pink, lilac and reds in delphinium flower fields of Pershore abbey, UK.
  • End July to September take a boat ride through Lotus fields in glorious river Volga, Russia. It is one of the biggest lotus fields in the world, 3km wide and 15 km long (app. 2×9 miles). You would not expect to see Lotus in these geographies, but around 200 years ago the sacred Buddha flowers appeared mysteriously here near Russian town of Astrakhan. Whilst scientists are debating on history of these fields, we admire spectacular pink roses river.
  • Another opportunity to go water pink – visit Jiangxi surroundings of Chinese Guangchang. They hold Guinness records the world’s largest lotus field. Feel sacred blessings of nature.
  • Wild summer flowers carpeting the mountain foothills of Grand Teton spine, will make your trip to the national park of Wayoming simply mind blowing and unforgettable.
  • For flower fans summer is the time to be in Hokkaido, Japan. You’ll never get tired or bored of walking through iconic Furano Rainbow flower fields made of endless strips of lavender, poppies, marigolds etc.
  • You like French Impressionism and you visit Paris in Summer? Take a detour just 1 hour away from Paris center to a picturesque village of Giverny in Normandy. House and gardens of iconic French painter Claude Monet are open for you, end March throughout end of October. Get inspired by artistic, vibrant & mystic atmosphere of the gardens.

Travel and Blossom with summer flowers!

Get more inspirations for Summer holidays on the walk: Epic Moutains & Arctic trails, Spectacular summer walks and Grand walking events.


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