Defrozen Trails of Summer Tints of Travel

Summer is great for travelling because it’s the only time when some places are accessible and possible for visiting.

When ice has melted, when temperatures are up & pleasant, when snow doesn’t block your walk..

Here we come, the defrozen summer walks!

  • You dream of life time experience in Epic Himalayas? Well, summer is the time to prepare, but less to visit. Summer is a monsoon season giving a large amount of rains. The best time for Himalaya trekking is April-June and September to November. The clearest stunning views of mountains are in October-November. Yet thinking of Himalayas? Magnificent Ladakh clears the roads from snow by June and has a peak tourism time in July-August.
  • Summer is the time for a spectacular Tour du Mont Blanc – the biggest mountain in European Union, located in Alps. It’s one of the most special hiking experiences in the world. You’ll cross France, Italy and Switzerland, passing stunning glaciers and picturesque landscapes. Head to Chamonix to start your trek.
  • The most charismatic mountains of Europe – Dolomites – get rid of snow and welcome you in Summer. One of the most spectacular routes is Alta Via 1, which guides you from high-altitude of legendary World War 1 battelfields to towering limestone cliffs and craggy sky touching peaks. August is probably the best time with less rains but it’s also the busiest time due to Italian month of holidays.
  • Switzerland is a place that we think of when talking about Alps. There are plenty of mindblowing trails and stunning hiking destinations. Walking through Zermatt Alps towards the Matterhorn mountain will be very emotional not only for the breath taking views but also for the open air performances of Romeo and Juliet.
  • It’s only in Summer you can actually experience arctic nature by foot. Challenge yourself with epic trails through fjords of Norway, discover wild arctic summer in Sweden and Finland, enjoy fairytale landscapes of Iceland. Some of most spectacular routes in Scandinavia:
    • Kungsleden in Sweden – Arctic dreamscape of glaciers, tundra and birch forests.
    • Laugavegurinn, Iceland. Admire expansive glaciers, active volcanoes, emerald green valleys and magnificent mountains.
    • Knivskjellodden in Norway will lead you to the most northern point of European mainland.
    • Skala – the highest mountain in Norway. It foots in the fjord and from its top you’ll have spectacular views over the glacier, fjord and mountains.
    • One of the most popular tourist destinations in Norway – Prekstolen – the Pulpit Rock.
  • Summer is a magnificent time to walk the Pacific Crest trail bringing you through California, Oregon and Washington. On your way you’ll cross Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks. Spectacular Yosemite will be also part of your route.
  • Less known but truly the hidden gems – Caucasus mountains. Legendary landings of Noah, ancient dramatic peaks combined with delicious local cuisines and wines and warmed up with welcoming culture of Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan.. You’ll be heartbroken to leave back home.

Summer hike – Discover the world!


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