Sparkling weekend getaway. Champagne.

They say, those who don’t risk don’t get champagne..

Champagne – the noble drink of courageous people, a sparkling symbol of success.

A glass of champagne means your life is great!

This gorgeous bubbly drink gives you a perfect reason to spend a weekend or more in Reims region – the motherland of Champagne!

So, what to do to enjoy your sparkling weekend at its most?

First of all, come down to city of Reims in France:) It’s a beautiful gothic style town sunk in vineyard hills and surrounded by numerous champagne caves and cellars. This is where you start your deep dive into the sparkling world!:)

Must do’s when you are in the Champagne region:

  1. Go to Reims and Hire a guide to arrange champagne tasting for you!

The guide will drive you through the must see vineyards and will bring you to various small and big wineries & cellars.

  • You will learn why there are roses in the vineyards, what it takes to grow good grapes, how they collect & share the harvest for the big brands and for family businesses.
  • You’ll see  all the stages of the process of making champagne.. There is some arts in how they turn the bottles for getting the right state of the drink:)
  • You’ll learn how to open champagne with a sabre:) Like in movies:)
  • Most importantly, at each cellar you visit you’ll taste a few or more glasses of champagne:)

By the end of the tour you’ll find yourself being happily high & joyful. You’ll not go back to your hotel empty handed: Somehow you will have bought or ordered home delivery of at least a dozen of bottles (the ones that you liked the most out of plenty tried:) ). You’ll also have a few pink boxes of local delights – Biscuits Roses, specially for savouring your champagne..

Typical & the most optimal tour is 4 bubbly hours. Then you’ll need some rest to get charged up for new sparkling discoveries:)

We went for this tour with Cris Event and it was amazing! And their own champagne is delicious:)

2. Visit cellars of Tattinger champagne. It’s an amazing experience to go down to old abbey catacombs (sometimes I felt getting lost there:) ) and to see millions of bottles waiting to be sent to celebrites. This is exquisite champagne for outstanding occasions:) In the waiting and in the degustation areas you’ll be able to see various designs of bottles – they are literally state of art! The Tattinger tour includes champagne tasting (!).

3. Admire stunning look of Reims cathedral: Mysterious at night and cheerful under sunlight. You’ll also want to walk towards Reims cathedral if you want to visit tourist center:)

4. Explore Place Drouet D’Erlot – a vibrant promenade full of cafes, bars and restaurants. Regional cuisine is delicious and a must have!:)

5. Do hiking (or cycling) through the vineyards and forest of Parc naturel region de la Montagne de Reims. Health – Beauty – Nature. Fabulous combination!:)

Simply go to Verzeney museum of wines and start your hiking! The recommended route is app. 16 km (10 miles) which can be done in around 4 hours but with all the stops for taking pictures.. – it’s in your hands:)

6. Take a scenic drive (or cycle) from Reims to Epernay. These are 15 miles (27kmp) of curly and hilly road through vineyards. Stunning views! Count how many times you’ll stop to take panoramic pictures:)

7. In Epernay visit cellars of iconic Moet et Chandon champagne. They are the classics.

8. After enjoying Moet et Chandon sparkles take a walk along the avenue Champagne and discover plenty of fantastic local wineries seducing you to continue your sparking degustations:)

Now, the sparkling weekend is over. But you are charged up with wonderful experiences and lots of laughter and joy!



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