Summer time.. the Get away time:)

I think, after Christmas and New Year most of us are living to survive till Summer.. 🙂

In Summer all the world is shaken by pandemic virus of “It’s time for holidays!”

Go somewhere for weekend,run away for a long & extended weekend, remember school holidays and turn of work alarms for a couple of weeks..

Rolling, Flying, cycling, boating.. anyhow and anywhere .. but .. It’s THE Time!

Time to get away from your routine and to burst with new, with refreshed emotions and experiences!

Time to feel yourserlf and to immerse into the beauty and warmth of this world –

  • whether soaking under sun somewhere at the beach or
  • getting lost whilst hiking in warmed up mountains, riping vineyards or when boating in defrozen fjords and earlier arctic cold waters or
  • sweating out & going crazy at all these music, dance, food and wines festivals covering the planet weekly if not daily…
  • even the classy city tour by magic transforms into romantic escapes, when it’s only you two are there…

It’s time when the world is yours! When all the roads are open!

Let’s go and enjoy!


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