March – Hello, Spring!

We start the Spring with joy and happiness!

March – the month of fun and new beginnings!

  • It’s a Perfect time to start exploring Mexico, but first join the Witch summit on 3-4 March!
  • 3-6 March – Come to Switzerland for carnival, bonfires and crackers at Brandons de Payerne
  • 12 March – Play with colors at Holi festival in India!
  • Friday 17th March – Go Green! Go Irish!:) Celebrate St.Patrick’s Day best in Ireland, England or USA.
  • 19 March – be sure you are in the sunny Valencia, Spain – the motherland of Paella and Valencian oranges. Burn the fire at Las Fallas festival of wooden giant sculptures.
  • 23rd March – open the Tulips Garden of Keukenhof in the Netherlands and discover the Dutch design (theme of the year)! Keukenhof is one of the world’s largest gardens and it is open only 2 months of year.
  • you probably might want to spend the rest of March in Munich, Germany, tasting strong beer during the Starkbierfest – the young brother of Munich Octoberfest:)
  • Plan to awe cherry blossom during the Hanami season in Japan. It mostly starts end of March and lasts till mid-end April, depending on the region.
  • March is definitely the time to be in Indonesia!
    • 17-20th March – Come to peace after releasing anger and fighting at War during Pasola Jousting Festivals in Indonesia.
    • 28 March – Go to Bali to celebrate Indonesian New Year! Start the Year with Silence!:) Happy Nyepi day!

Start a wonderful Spring!


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