April Tints of Travel

April is a fantastic time for enjoying Spring holidays!

It’s definitely warm all around, whilst the heavy heat and humidity of Southern Winter is just on the way yet.

So, let’s start April fun!

  • Go to New York for Annual Fool’s day parade. Make Russia Great again – it’s the theme of this year:)
  • Then move to Japan to admire cherry blossoms and to witness bizaar festival of Kanamara Matsuri – the iron penis festival, in 2017 it happens on 2nd April:)
  • Are you fancy for Sports? The season has started!
    • Almost everywhere you can join the crowd of runners, just choose your favorite Marathon !
    • Augusta in Georgia, USA, is welcoming Golfers at the Masters Golf Tournament.
  • Are you dreaming of sun and beach holidays? Then book tickets to Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Hawaii, Marocco, Oman, Canary Islands:)
  • Mid-April gives you a tough choice: Easter Celebrations or Exotic water festivals:
    • April is a month of Easter and Holy Week. This year we celebrate the holy week during 9-15th April and we do Easter egg hunting on the 16th of April.
    • 13-15th April is when you get hot and wet at water festivals in Thailand and China.
  • April is the time to get close to nature and to go back to roots!
    • Admire astonishing views of tulips and Himalayas during Kashmir Tulips festival (1-14 April)!
    • Yosemite is a perfect place to celebrate the Earth day on the 22nd April!
    • Get the tribal spirit at Pow Wow conventions across USA in the end of April:)
    • Harmonize with your soul during Jazz & Heritage festival in New Orlean (28 April – May 7 ’17)
  • Don’t miss these Birthday parties!
    • Go Orange with Netherlands to celebrate the King’s Birthday on 27th of April!
    • Deep-dive into more than 2.5th. years of Rome Culture. Rome Birthday is on 21st of April 753BC!
  • Go to Europe, e.g. Germany, Prague, Sweden etc., to finish the month in Medieval and Misterious way – the Walpurgis Night or Witches Night!:)

Have a Bright and Fun April!


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