White Tints of Travel: Winter Russia

Russia is very cold in winter. It might reach below 60° C in Northern regions of Russia!

Russian winter is a great opportunity to test yourself and.. to learn enjoying frost and majesty of snow.

There is a lot to do in Winter Russia. Surprisingly, but most of the fun is in the cold outside.

  • In each big or more or less sizeable city in downtowns and all little squares you will find so called “Snow towns“. These are various sculptures, sliding hills and little fortresses, all built from snow and ice. Decorated by colors and lights and provided with cafes and bars they give you hours and hours fun, all outdoors, but you will not have a chance to feel cold running between sliding, skating and playing!:)
  • Cross-country skiingis one of the most popular winter sports in Russia. There are plenty of parks and little forests just next to the city center, where you can stand on your ski and start roaming in the beautiful winter forests. Imagine shining white snow around you and crispy snow trails under your feet!
  • You also can do mountains skiing and snowboarding: there are hills and mountains set up for skiing everywhere. But the best mountains skiing experience you’ll get in Sochi, where winter Olympic games took place. Sea and Mountains – all in one place!
  • Winter in Russia is a time for truly unique experiences: Ice-fishing, Winter hunting, Snowmobiles, Sledging… Many of these activities can be arranged at winter resorts, where you also can test your body and toughen your soul by swimming in snow or icy water after hot Russian sauna.
  • New Year is a big deal in Russia. Parties, holidays shopping, concerts and shows are non-stop during December and January. You will be not left untouched by the celebration spirit!
  • On additional note, Winter is a special ballet and opera season. Don’t miss Nutcrackerin Mariinsky [S.-Petersburg] or Bolshoy Theater [Moscow]!

Let your soul enjoy purity of snow and frosty adventures!


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