November’16 – Time to be in America

USA – one of the most exciting places to be in November’16!

  • Start November with Halloween afterparty – Mexican celebration of Dia de los muertos
  • Be part of the world’s history during President Elections. 9/11 – All world is watching the US!
  • Friday 11/11:
    • Give tribute to US veterans at parades in Washington DC, NYC ..
    • Do mad shopping during Alibaba 11/11 shopping festival
    • You should stay at some German neighborhood for St.Martin celebration. Prepare to share tons of candies with little kids with lanterns knocking your doors and singing songs about St.Martin arrival..
  • Check Lights or Lantern festival in your locality. Mid November – many winter light festival start all around US. Some super fabulous festivals are in Las Vegas, San Francisco, Charleston (SC)..
  • Go to NYC for Macy’s Thanksgiving parade on 24/11
  • Prepare shopping lists for Black Friday
  • Go to National parks to explore American history and nature during Native American Heritage month
  • Enjoy Autumn colors in Central park of New York, national parks of Acadia and Yellowstone
  • Take a picturesque ride in New England and take a walk along Freedom trail in Boston
  • Go to California!

America – it’s your time!





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