November – Month of Lights

November – probably the most lighted month of the year!

It’s a time to make and light Lanterns all around the world!

  • Start the Lights journey in country of Sunrise. Exotic costumes, gorgeous illuminated floats decorated by gold & silver lions and dragons (each float is a luxurious masterpiece) and romantic paper lanterns.. It’s Karatsu Kunchi festival in Japan! 2-4 November in ’17.
  • Move with Sun to more West: Light the night at mesmerizing Lantern festival in Seoul (Korea) (3-19 November ’17)
  • Cross the continent and start the Bonfire Night on the 5th November in the UK. Where would you set the lights?
    • Light Up Lancaster – the UK North’s biggest fireworks and lights shows?
    • Splendid Lewes Bonfire Night or spectacular Harrow Fireworks festival?
    • Or come to Bridgwater in Somerset to see how more than 22 thousands of lightbulbs illuminate a procession of over 100 bright floats?
  • 11-12th November – Make lanterns with your kids and knock the neighbors doors for some candies on Martin’s day. It is widely celebrated in Germany and the Netherlands. Join your German neighbors for this lovely lantern walking. Start preparing colorful costumes for fun revelries in Cologne – it’s an official start to Carnival season in Germany.
  • Glow in Eindhoven, town in the Netherlands – a home place of Philips Interesting that Philips originated as a forward-looking start-up producing lightbulbs… The Glow days in 2017 are 11-18 November.
  • Full November party and parade at Lights festivals all across the United States, notably in Las Vegas, Charlston (SC), San Francisco..  visit Pier 39 during Illuminate SF festival
  • Join runners and walkers at the Lighted events, e.g. Egmond Fjoertoer walk in the Netherlands. Check what are the Lighted trails in your area!
  • Think Big, Light for Long! Winter Lights festivals start already in November:
    • Mid November the illuminated Christmas Gardens open in Berlin’s botanical garden. The lights shows are on till Orthodox Christmas (7th January).
    • Christmas fairytales come true in British Leeds already in November during the Magical Lantern festival. Witness the Light’s wonders since the 4th Friday of November till the very New Year!
    • Spectacular Amsterdam Light Festival starts on the last day of November. Enjoy almost 2 months of artistic colorful & bright illuminations of gorgeous Amsterdam canals!

Find the Light around You!


Read more about Lights celebrations of Autumn.

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