Inspirations for November

November is one of the most tricky months for choosing the travel destination..

It is getting quite chill and even cold in the Northern part of the Earth
– with lots of rain & wind pushing you into indoors in most of Western Europe (UK, Netherlands, Germany, France) and
– winter having entered further North. Thick layer of snow covers Finland, Norway and most of Russia already mid November, and temperature can go below -20C..Lots of Southern destinations are warm and even hot, but still with quite a lot of rains…

November is the time to go South, Which is almost unbearably hot in Summer.
In November the monsoon season is over, the heat has left  but winter chill is not there yet.
It’s soo pleasantly warm, just wish November never end…

It’s a perfect time to
– Relax at sands and beaches of Goa, Vietnam, Emirates, Egypt, Israel..
– Go wild at beach parties in Pattaya
– Enjoy Mexican Dia de los muertos Afterparty at Acapulco beaches and slowly start backpacking season further South aiming to reach Rio by February..
– Learn some Woodoo in Haiti
– Immerse into realm of history and culture of Mediterranean Europe: Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Spain.. Still warm enough to spend a full day outdoors in November. And – low touristic season yet..
– Explore Incredible India
… and to warm up yourself with a hot choco or gluhwine hiding under a blanket when it’s cold and rainy outside..

Wish you a joyful and sweet November!



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